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As previously stated our services are international and in order to fulfill our dedication to society funds are essential. We are currently collecting donations for the first round of the I See You  Campaign which will end February 2019. We plan to raise millions of dollars which will be contributed and utilized as such: 

  • Over 100 grand donations to different organization across the globe. This includes small/local, corporate, and federal associations.

  • Sponsor over 50 “I SEE YOU” events in geographic locations that have abnormally high suicide rates.

  • Sponsored trainings that will educate institutional staff on how to detect depressive and suicidal behaviors and resource utilization.

One may ask why is it necessary to raise such a great amount of money for suicide prevention and awareness alone? And our answer is simple – the costs of suicidal behaviors, and the savings that can result from preventing these behaviors—can help convince policymakers and other stakeholders that suicide prevention is an investment that will save dollars as well as lives. The average cost of one suicide is $1.3 million, and the total cost of suicide and suicide attempts overall is $93.5 billion; and we believe that a few million dollars to save a great amount of lives is minimal considering how much money we spend on one suicide alone. 

Grow A Girl Network, Inc is a 501C3 NPO.  Your donation is tax deductible under the governing laws of the US Internal Revenue.

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We appreciate any contribution you make to our organization and if you’d like to track our progress feel free to visit our website,, and join our online community by searching  #ICU on your preferred social media platform.

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