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I See You Campaign is a suicide prevention campaign under the umbrella of the 501(C)3 non-profit organization Grow A Girl Network, Inc. Our mission is to bring awareness to the plight of suicide and offer a more human approach in suicide prevention  including:

  • Inspiring Talks,

  • The "I See You: Igniting Hope and Preventing Suicide" Book,

  • Our  Yellow Glasses,

  • Our Music (I See You Freedom Chant),

  • A Feature Film  (Movie),

  • And Smile Bags.

Suicide breaks down socio-economic, social, and racial barriers and has no age discrimination. Unfortunately, the elderly and the LGBTQ are the demographics that have been effected as well as forgotten. Many people battling suicidal ideations are suffering from a mental illness whether it's depression, anxiety, bipolar and / or PTSD – to name a few. Many others are simply experiencing normal distress caused by situational life circumstances like bullying, relationships, finances, and more. It is our mission to bring suicide to the forefront of many homes.  Our goal is to create healthy dialogue by promoting the "I See You: Igniting  Hope and Preventing Suicide" book and yellow glasses.  No matter the demographic, "You Are Loved and I See You" the book continuously states.  I See You Campaign is the voice for the voiceless.

By focusing on the causation, the I See You Campaign will be able to have a more proactive approach on suicide prevention and awareness. It is through our global commitment to heart and mind, celebration of diversity, and inspiration to create moments of optimism and happiness, that we are able to spark the courage one needs to see another day.

Suicide affects us all.  On last year over one million people committed suicide.  Black children between the ages of five (5) to twelve (12) are number one for death by suicide in this age demographic.   Suicide is steadily increasing and we need your support to spread the word, buy a book, share our cause, and /or volunteer.  This campaign will be recognized as a celebration of life and a wealth of information.


Grow A Girl Network, Inc is a 501C3 tax-exempt organization that empowers girls worldwide. Our mission is empowering tomorrow's communities.

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